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How to Share your Mobile Screen in Android Mobile Phone

Have you ever think that you can share your mobile screen
with any other android mobile user , yes this is possible using android.
Simple screen sharing android mobile viewer that help in
Viewing someone’s screen and collaborate in real time, on your time.

How can i view my Friends Mobile Screen remotely

Join meetings from anywhere as long as you’re connected to
the Internet by 3G* or Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

What can I do with Share screen

View the live screen from Android mobile on a
Windows PC
View the live screen from Android mobile on a other  Mobile
am not sure if he means he wants a live video on his computer or on a

How can i do it ?

The probability to achieve it through –
To use the HDMI port, you’d need something that
can accept HDMI input.
If it’s a
monitor, then it’s easier, but with a computer it’d require a lot of expensive
hardware, not to mention the huge performance loss it would cause to the
Some suggestion –
Actually, there are some relatively affordable HDMI-DVI adapters on
the market. Couple them with a mini-HDMI to full HDMI cable and you’ve got
yourself a decent hardware setup.
Some notes:
  • HDMI carries audio and video, while DVI carries only
    video. However, the two have no difference in video quality,
    and they use the same encoding.
  • as Mgamerz said, support for the HDMI outputs on
    Android phones has been, thus far, dismal. Your phone might have the port,
    but your ROM might not support it. Furthermore, some apps won’t even
    acknowledge the existence of the HDMI, again, because so few phones have
From a hardware and an encoding
point of view, this is COMPLETELY possible, but from a software point of view,
it is likely IMPOSSIBLE. If you figure out how to do what you’re trying,
definitely tell as many people as possible.
Note – 
I’m not satisfy with above suggestion I found over internet, Please help me with you suggestion. 
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