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20 Freelance Job Websites

Not long ago, Freelance jobs was something people were made for artists, writers and other creative works. This type of Freelance work is always available in metropolitan cities. Here is list of 20 Best Freelance Job Sites.

1. http://www.writingcareer.com/writingjobs/

This site has a job board for freelance writers. They have several links to writing contests that help freelance writers to launch their career and make some extra money.

2. http://freelancefolder.com/forums/

Freelance Folder is a forum where employees and prospective employers are able to communicate in the workplace. It can be a good way to establish contacts and get jobs.

3. http://www.humanrewriter.com/jobs/

This freelance writing site is only for US freelancers with valid tax information. The sites main purpose is rewriting articles so that they will be unique content. They pay into your PayPal account.

4. https://be.freelancersunion.org/gigs/

This job board is sponsored by the Freelancers Union and led a large amount for all freelancers.

5. http://www.journalismjobs.com/

Freelance writers and journalists will be able to find jobs in their area and also online only at this site.

6. http://www.istockphoto.com/index.php

iStock Photo is an ideal place for freelance photographers to sell their work and for other freelancers to buy it.

7. http://www.recycledpapergreetings.com/artists.htm

Freelance writers and artists can make money creating text or illustrations for Recycled Paper Greetings.

8. http://www.sps.com/help/writers_guidelines.html

Blue Mountain Arts regularly hires freelance poets for their greeting card needs.

9. http://jobs.poewar.com/

In Poewe, writers will find a variety of positions independent of the blogs offer web content. Freelance workers can be found even pay great writing and consulting positions. As an interesting note, this site offers a special section of jobs specifically for writers in Canada.

10. http://www.webprojobs.com/

This job board is an excellent resource for IT professionals. independent programmers will especially find through this site. Search this site will provide freelancers with outsourced work from home and freelance jobs for other web professionals.

11. http://www.freshwebjobs.com/

Fresh Web Jobs states that their company’s purpose is to bring together businesses and web professionals. There aren’t a lot of listings at this site, but freelancers will find that the jobs listed here can be quite lucrative. This site is worth checking out.

12. http://gigs.37signals.com/

This work is the government has used the best companies like Facebook and American Express. freelance designers, programmers and developers will find this site very useful. Sometimes customer service jobs, freelancers find on this forum. Non-free-lance positions may also be available.

13. http://programmermeetdesigner.com/

Designer Meets programmer has a great resource for job hunting freelance designers, programmers and writers. Its primary purpose is to create a site and so talented professionals to these questions to find the site useful. The writers may specialize in developing content websites, where designers and programmers work on the creation of the site itself. This site is a lot of jobs that are not commonly shown on other job boards.

14. http://www.noagenciesplease.com/

This site is a free listing service for freelancers. You can find jobs, which typically offer an hourly rate or projects which pay by the task. There is a variety of positions on this site for all types of freelancers.

15. http://www.sologig.com/

This website traditionally has traditional job listings for experienced professionals. Freelancers searching this site will occasionally find projects and on going freelance positions.

16. http://www.freelancerunplugged.com/jobs/

Freelancer unplugged meeting lists several freelance sites above. These lists are regularly updated and usually contain about 5 jobs for each of their featured sites. Freelancers in all fields should make this site a daily reading.

17. http://altpick.com/classifieds?type=Contract/Temporary

All offers Pickering Calendar News and database of jobs for creative freelancers. The site is often not much work is completed, but when it happens, the positions very unique and ideal for freelancers, actors, artists, etc.

18. http://www.coroflot.com/public/jobs_browse.asp

This Coroflot, a freelance creative designer can find targeted lists. The companies are also listed in web design, creative design, interior design, training design, advertising, architecture and more. All types of freelance designers should make this part of the site of their search for daily work.

19. http://www.freelancers.net/

Freelancers in the UK regularly use this site to find work. While freelancers outside of the United Kingdom are invited to use this site, the target audience are those of the United Kingdom. The site is easily navigable and searchable. This site is free to use and also provides advertising services portfolio to help self-employed to get more customers.

20. http://www.freelancebbs.com/

This site connects freelancers and companies. free registration is required, but it’s quick and easy. Freelancers can publish research profiles for companies in need of self-employed can easily find them. This site is ideal for freelance writers, designers, programmers, photographers, professionals and more.

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