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Next Version Of Google TV Will Be Featuring TV Specific Android Apps

The first version of Google TV may be a not success, but the company is currently working on its next version and this could be unveiled at I/O conference next month.

According to an industry source the upcoming version of Google TV has got much more potential than the existing version due to three main reasons:
1. Android apps: Google has confirmed that it is going to in a tiny while be possible to run Android apps on Google TV. A source claims that Google is building a TV-specific version of the Android Market which can be accessed right into the Google TV interface, and this will be offering Android developers a lot of motivation to build apps for it.
2. Performance:It will incorporate a faster chip set. Better user experience.
3. Better user experience.

In the main, the source believes that Android is scheduled for a bang of brand new video content and apps, driven in part by the brand new crop of Android tablets as well as the merging of Android into Google TV.

Android Market Will See A Major Upgrade Soon – Google
Google Android Market will see a fresh start with a brand new interface and a whole lot of features in the coming weeks. The new update for Android Market will bring support for Tablet Displays where the entire layout changes in landscape mode. On the home screen of Android, a new carousel feature has been added, where the users can easily flip through the apps just as people do in Google News Fast Flip. A number of categories will be added to the Popular Apps and people will get better organized apps available on the web page. The interface is also more greenish(difficult to notice though) – signalling their brand Android. May be we also hope its for Environmental Support!

Source: TechGadgetsWeb.Com

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